Planning Licensing and Neighbourhood Plan Committee


To use local knowledge in the assessment of planning applications and to advise the planning authority (Arun District Council) by providing comments on, objections to, or support for, the application. To design and oversee a process that will result in the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Felpham in order to: Preserve and enhance the quality of life, environmental attributes, economic growth and special characteristics of the neighbourhood through the empowerment of local people and communities.


See Parish Committees

The Planning and Licensing Advisory Committee and the Neighbourhood Plan Committee were combined in 2019. To view previous agendas and minutes please follow the links - Planning and Licensing  Neighbourhood Plan 

Adopted remit 2021

Date Agenda Minutes
11th January 2022 Cancelled Cancelled
8th February 2022 Agenda - Planning 8th February 2022 [pdf] 114Kb PLANNING MINUTES 8th February 2022 [pdf] 201Kb
8th March 2022 Agenda - Planning 8th March 2022 [pdf] 110Kb Planning Minutes 8th March 2022 [pdf] 214Kb
19th March 2022 Agenda - Planning Extraordinary Meeting 19th March 2022 [pdf] 104Kb PLANNING MINUTES Extra ordinary meeting 19th March 2022 (1) [pdf] 233Kb
12th April 2022 Agenda - Planning 12th April 2022 [pdf] 110Kb PLANNING MINUTES 12th April 2022 [pdf] 208Kb
10th May 2022 Agenda - Planning 10th May 2022 [pdf] 109Kb PLANNING MINUTES 10th May 2022 [pdf] 320Kb
14th June 2022 Agenda - Planning 14th June 2022 [pdf] 109Kb PLANNING MINUTES 14th June 2022 [pdf] 319Kb
12th July 2022 Agenda - Planning 12th July 2022 [pdf] 94Kb PLANNING MINUTES 12th July 2022 (1) [pdf] 240Kb
9th August 2022 Agenda - Planning 9th August 2022 [pdf] 98Kb PLANNING MINUTES 9th August 2022 [pdf] 243Kb
13th September 2022 Cancelled Cancelled
11th October 2022 Agenda - Planning 11th October 2022 [pdf] 94Kb PLANNING MINUTES 11th October 2022 [pdf] 288Kb
8th November 2022 Agenda - Planning 8th November 2022 [pdf] 98Kb PLANNING MINUTES 8th November 2022 [pdf] 260Kb