Welcome to Felpham

VRV Felpham

"Away to sweet Felpham, for Heaven is there, the ladder of angels descends through the air."(William Blake)

Welcome to Felpham, the birthplace of Blake’s Jerusalem.

Much but not everything has changed since William Blake lived in Felpham.  The sea still butts against Felpham’s coast though sea defences now stop it being washed away. Blake’s cottage still remains with its "thatched roof of rusted gold" and many artists choose to live here today.

Felpham still retains much of its rural character through its retention of old buildings, high flint walls and picturesque arrangement of roads in the heart of the village. Although many of the fields viewed by Blake have now gone one still lies next to the Norman Church.

"Sussex is certainly a happy place and Felpham, in particular, is the sweetest spot on earth." (William Blake)

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