Listed Buildings In Felpham

St Mary's Church

Felpham has a number of Listed Buildings. The ll* type annotations relate to the grade of listing. For a map and detailed descriptions go to the Felpham Conservation Society Website.

 Blake`s Road

Blake's Cottage       II*
Garden Wall, Blake's Cottage     II

Felpham Road

67 (Church Cottage)      II
St Mary`s Church       B
Churchyard wall of Church      II
87 & 89 (Manor Place)      II
94, Church House       II
Wall to road of 94       II
95, (Lavenham Cottage)      II
101, (Thatched Roof)      II
103, (Lavender Cottage)      II
104, (The Barn)       II
The George Inn       II
K6 telephone kiosk outside the Post Office   II

Felpham Way

45, (Bentinck House), including wall to road   II
47, (The Whyke House)      II
47A, (Richmond House)      II
Outerwyke Farmhouse      II
127, (Whyke Cottage) including wall to road   II

Limmer Lane

17,  including walls to road      II
21,( The Manor House), including garden wall to E  II

Vicarage Lane

Pear Tree Cottage       II

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