Finance and Administration Committee


  • to assess applications for Parish Grants ;
  • to set the annual Parish Council budget and the annual precept;
  • to monitor Parish Council spending;
  • to take action on Parish Council spending, including the maintenance of Parish Council assets and the monitoring of other village assets and public services.


Cllrs Copeland (Chair) Hewlett (Vice-Chair), English, Kissell, Rumsey, Matthews, Watson.

Mrs G Moss & D.Smart - Ex-officio


NOTE: The Parish Council will now meet online. Members of the public can take part by telephone at a normal local call rate. Details at the foot of the agenda.

Date Agenda Minutes
14th January 2020 F & A Agenda 14-01-2020-1 [pdf] 135Kb FINANCE COMMITTEE MINUTES 14-01-20 [pdf] 277Kb
11th February 2020 F & A Agenda 11-02-2020.pdf (1) [pdf] 137Kb FINANCE COMMITTEE MINUTES 11-02-20.pdf (1) [pdf] 368Kb
10th March 2020 F & A Agenda 10-03-2020 [pdf] 137Kb FINANCE COMMITTEE MINUTES 10-03-20 [pdf] 288Kb
2nd June 2020 F & A Agenda 02-06-20 Virtual meeting.pdf (1) [pdf] 132Kb VIRTUAL FINANCE MEETING 02-06-20 MINUTES [pdf] 142Kb
14th July 2020 F & A Agenda 14-07-20 Virtual meeting [pdf] 135Kb VIRTUAL FINANCE MEETING 14-07-20 MINUTES [pdf] 157Kb
11th August 2020 F & A Agenda 11-08-20 Virtual meeting [pdf] 135Kb VIRTUAL FINANCE MEETING 11-08-20 MINUTES [pdf] 104Kb
8th September 2020 F & A Agenda 08-09-20 Virtual meeting [pdf] 136Kb VIRTUAL FINANCE MEETING 08-09-20 MINUTES [pdf] 107Kb
13th October 2020 F & A Agenda 13-10-20 Virtual meeting [pdf] 136Kb VIRTUAL FINANCE MEETING 13-10-20 MINUTES [pdf] 228Kb