Finance and Administration Committee


  • to assess applications for Parish Grants ;
  • to set the annual Parish Council budget and the annual precept;
  • to monitor Parish Council spending;
  • to take action on Parish Council spending, including the maintenance of Parish Council assets and the monitoring of other village assets and public services.


See Parish Committees

Adopted remit 2021

Date Agenda Minutes
9th January 2024 F & A Agenda 09-01-24 [pdf] 83Kb FINANCE MEETING 09-01-24 MINUTES [pdf] 161Kb
9th February 2024 F & A Agenda 06-02-24 [pdf] 84Kb FINANCE MEETING 06-02-24 MINUTES [pdf] 150Kb
5th March 2024 F & A Agenda 05-03-24 [pdf] 84Kb FINANCE MEETING 05-03-24 MINUTES [pdf] 334Kb
2nd April 2024 F & A Agenda 02-04-24 [pdf] 84Kb FINANCE MEETING 02-04-24 MINUTES [pdf] 134Kb
14th May 2024 F & A Agenda 14-05-24 [pdf] 115Kb