Projects and Resilience Committee


to identify, research and undertake projects, which will enhance the quality of life in Felpham. Projects include the provision and improvement of selected amenities, Promenade lighting, event organisation such as ‘Fun on the Prom’.


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Adopted remit 2021

Date Agenda Minutes
18th January 2022 Cancelled Cancelled
15th February 2022 Projects Agenda 15th February 2022 [pdf] 99Kb Projects Minutes 15th February 2022 [pdf] 240Kb
15th March 2022 Projects Agenda 15th March 2022 [pdf] 98Kb Projects Minutes 15th March 2022 [pdf] 139Kb
19th April 2022 Projects Agenda 19th April 2022 [pdf] 98Kb Projects Minutes 19th April 2022 [pdf] 156Kb
17th May 2022 Projects Agenda 17th May 2022 [pdf] 99Kb Projects Minutes 17th May 2022 [pdf] 187Kb
21st June 2022 Projects Agenda 21st June 2022 [pdf] 99Kb Projects Minutes 21st June 2022 [pdf] 759Kb
19th July 2022 Projects Agenda 19th July 2022 [pdf] 79Kb Projects Minutes 19th July 2022 [pdf] 292Kb
18th October 2022 Projects Agenda 18th October 2022 [pdf] 78Kb Projects Minutes 18th October 2022 [pdf] 212Kb
15th November 2022 Projects Agenda 15th November 2022 [pdf] 78Kb Projects Minutes 15th November 2022 [pdf] 261Kb