Projects and Resilience Committee


to identify, research and undertake projects, which will enhance the quality of life in Felpham. Projects include the provision and improvement of selected amenities, Promenade lighting, event organisation such as ‘Fun on the Prom’.


Chair Gloria Moss, P English, Mrs M Harvey, M Harvey, G Matthews,  G Hewlett 

Date Agenda Minutes
16th January 2018 Projects agenda 16th January 2018 v2 [pdf] 142Kb Projects Minutes 16th January 2018 FINAL [pdf] 221Kb
13th February 2018 Projects Agenda 13th February 2018 [pdf] 142Kb Projects Minutes 13th February 2018 [pdf] 126Kb
13th March 2018 Cancelled Cancelled
13th April 2018 Projects Agenda 10th April 2018 [pdf] 92Kb Projects Minutes 10th April 2018 [pdf] 157Kb
8th May 2018 Projects Agenda 8th May 2018 [pdf] 93Kb Projects Minutes 8th May 2018 [pdf] 127Kb
12th June 2018 Projects Agenda 12th June 2018 [pdf] 92Kb Projects Minutes 12th June 2018 [pdf] 125Kb
10th July 2018 Projects Agenda 10th July 2018 [pdf] 92Kb Projects Minutes 10th July 2018 [pdf] 131Kb
14th August 2018 Projects Agenda 14th August 2018 [pdf] 92Kb Projects Minutes 14th August 2018 [pdf] 129Kb
11th September 2018 Projects Agenda 11th September 2018 [pdf] 93Kb Projects Minutes 11th September 2018 [pdf] 118Kb
9th October 2018 Projects Agenda 9th October 2018 [pdf] 93Kb Projects Minutes 9th October 2018 [pdf] 161Kb