Allotments and Open Spaces Committee


  • to work for efficient use of the two Felpham allotments
  • to enhance the appearance and safety of open spaces, verges, and footpaths
  • to monitor the health of trees and implement the Parish Tree project.


See Parish Committees


Adopted remit 2021

Date Agenda Minutes
18th January 2022 Allotments 18th January 2022 [pdf] 100Kb
15th February 2022 Allotments 15th February 2022 [pdf] 141Kb ALLOTMENTS MINUTES 15th February 2022 [pdf] 195Kb
15th March 2022 Allotments 15th March 2022 [pdf] 100Kb ALLOTMENTS MINUTES 15th March 2022 [pdf] 129Kb
19th April 2022 Allotments 19th April 2022 [pdf] 140Kb ALLOTMENTS MINUTES 19th April 2022 [pdf] 138Kb
17th May 2022 Allotments 17th May 2022 [pdf] 140Kb ALLOTMENTS MINUTES 17th May 2022 (1) [pdf] 353Kb
21st June 2022 Allotments 21st June 2022 [pdf] 140Kb ALLOTMENTS MINUTES 21st June 2022 [pdf] 464Kb
19th July 2022 Allotments 19th July 2022 [pdf] 124Kb ALLOTMENTS MINUTES 19th July 2022 [pdf] 287Kb