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February 2024





EN010117 – Project Update

A project update has been published.

The following documents have been published:

·         Recordings and transcripts for the Preliminary Meeting (PM)

·         Recordings and transcripts for Open Floor Hearing 1 (OFH1)

·         Recordings and transcripts for Issue Specific Hearing 1 (ISH1)

·         Preliminary Meeting Note (PDF 522 KB)

·         Action Points arising from Issue Specific Hearting 1 (ISH1) (PDF 201 KB)

·         The Examining Authority’s Written Questions arising out of Issue Specific Hearing 1 on Environmental Matters,(PDF 197 KB) – Responses are due by Deadline 1, Wednesday 28 February 2024

The Examination Library (PDF 424 KB) has been updated.

You can view the Project information for more information.


January 2024

Our project newsletter for the Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm development, which includes latest news, details of our proposals, a project timeline and information for suppliers is on our website with a version which is responsive to devices, at

As referenced in the newsletter, the examination of our development consent order (DCO) application will begin next week, with the Preliminary Meeting and Open Floor Hearing being held on 6th February in Brighton, followed by Issue Specific Hearings on environmental matters from 7th – 9th February.  Anyone can observe the events either in person, livestream online, or watch a recording after the event.  However, you must register in advance if you wish to participate.  For further information, please visit