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Binsted Ponds and Operation Watershed


Felpham Parish Council plans to make an application under the Operation Watershed funding scheme for a grant to carry out much-needed work in the area known as Binsted Ponds.

The details of the proposed work are shown below and are subject to a site survey.

The grant process requires all affected people to be aware of and consent to the works being carried out. Under laws associated with Riparian ownership, the responsibilities placed on affected residents requires them to maintain any ponds, streams, ditches, and watercourses that may be affected by your property.

The grant, if successful will enable the proposed works listed below to be carried out at no cost to the residents.


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Outline scope of work:

Area 1

a)  Remove vegetation and investigate existing connection, if any between the two ponds.

b)  Install new headwall (WSCC Specification) in large pond connecting to new pipe to small pond

c)  Install pipe between large pond and small pond

Area 2

a)  Install new headwall (WSCC Specification) in small pond connecting to new pipe to large pond

b)  Enlarge small pond (subject to consent from no 28) silt to be distributed on land

Area 3

a) CCTV & Jet pipe between small pond & highway drainage overflow

Area 4

a)  Remove some trees from large pond to assist with future maintenance

b)  Install new silt trap in large pond in front of the new connection with small pond

c)  Improve water flow in large pond northwards to small pond

All of the above are subject to survey.

Date: September 2018.

Map of the target area.

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