Committee Membership at Felpham Parish Council

Chairman of the Council: Dave Smart

Vice-Chairman of the Council: Gloria Moss

The main activities of the Parish Council are undertaken through its Committees.

Allotments and Open Spaces 

Cllrs English (Chair), Wild (Vice-Chair), Moss, Barker, Grundy, Smart, Rumsey

Finance and Administration

Cllrs Copeland (Chair) Hewlett (Vice-Chair), English, Flynn, Kissell, Matthews, Smart & Moss.

Planning & Licensing & Neighbourhood Plan (now joined as one Committee)

Cllrs Mrs Harvey (Chair), Matthews (Vice-Chair), English, Harvey, Moss, Hewlett, Smart, Barker, Wild, Kissell & Grundy.

Projects & Resilience

Cllrs Moss (Chair),  Hewlett (Vice-Chairman), Flynn, English, Wild, Harvey, Mrs Harvey, Matthews, Smart, Barker & Grundy.


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