Planning and Licensing Advisory Committee


To use local knowledge in the assessment of planning applications and to advise the planning authority (Arun District Council) by providing comment on, objections to, or support for, the application.


Chair – Mary Harvey / Vice-Chair – Graham Matthews, P English, M Harvey, G Hewlett.

Mrs G Moss & D.Smart - Ex-officio

Date Agenda Minutes
10th January 2017 Agenda_10th_January_2017 [pdf] 242Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_10th_January_2017 [pdf] 569Kb
14th February 2017 Agenda_14th_February_2017 [pdf] 250Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_14th_February_2017 [pdf] 600Kb
14th March 2017 Agenda_14th_March_2017 [pdf] 243Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_14_03_17 [pdf] 644Kb
11th April 2017 Agenda_11th_April_2017 [pdf] 241Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_11_04_16 [pdf] 585Kb
9th May 2017 Agenda_9th_May_2017 [pdf] 241Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_09_05_17 [pdf] 586Kb
13th June 2017 Agenda_13th_June_2017 [pdf] 242Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_13_06_17 [pdf] 578Kb
11th July 2017 Agenda_11th_July_2017 [pdf] 243Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_11_07_17 [pdf] 596Kb
8th August 2017 Agenda_8th_August_2017 [pdf] 250Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_08_08_17 [pdf] 595Kb
12th September 2017 Planning_Agenda_12th_Spet20092017 [pdf] 3053Kb Planning_Minutes_12th_Spet20092017 [pdf] 6198Kb
10th October 2017 Agenda_10th_October_2017 [pdf] 246Kb PLANNING_MINUTES_10_10_17 [pdf] 606Kb
14th November 2017 Agenda_14th_November_2017 [pdf] 142Kb Draft_PLANNING_MINUTES_14th_November_2017 [pdf] 586Kb
12th December 2017 Agenda_12th_December_2017 [pdf] 143Kb Draft_PLANNING_MINUTES_12th_December_2017 [pdf] 600Kb