Neighbourhood Plan Committee


To design and oversee a process that will result in the preparation of a draft Plan for Felpham in order to : Preserve and enhance the quality of life, environmental attributes, economic growth and special characteristics of the neighbourhood through the empowerment of local people and communities.


Councillor Members: Chair – / Vice-Chair – currently vacant, P English, G Matthews, Ms H Flynn, Mrs J Wild. 

Ex-officio - Mrs G Moss & D Smart.

Lay Members: Tony Turley, Colin Holliday & Glenn Powell.

Clerk to the Committee: Richard Wickens


Now part of the Planning and Licensing Committee

Date Agenda Minutes
16th January 2017 Agenda_16th_January_2017 [pdf] 317Kb NEIGHBOURHOOD_PLAN_MINUTES_16_01_17 [pdf] 340Kb
19th February 2017 Agenda_20th_February_2017 [pdf] 376Kb NEIGHBOURHOOD_PLAN_MINUTES_20_02_17 [pdf] 988Kb
20th March 2017 Cancelled Cancelled
17th April 2017 Agenda_18th_April_2017 [pdf] 317Kb NEIGHBOURHOOD_PLAN_COMMITTEE_MINUTES_18_04_17 [pdf] 266Kb
14th May 2017 Agenda_15th_May_2017 [pdf] 317Kb NEIGHBOURHOOD_PLAN_MINUTES_15_05_17 [pdf] 240Kb
18th June 2017 Agenda_19th_June_2017 [pdf] 317Kb NEIGHBOURHOOD_PLAN_MINUTES_19_06_17 [pdf] 266Kb
16th July 2017 Cancelled Cancelled
13th August 2017 Cancelled Cancelled
17th September 2017 Agenda_NP_18th_Sept20092017 [pdf] 1588Kb NEIGHBOURHOOD_PLAN_MINUTES_17_07_17 [pdf] 251Kb
23rd October 2017 Agenda_16th_October_2017 [pdf] 217Kb NEIGHBOURHOOD_PLAN_MINUTES_24_10_17_2 [pdf] 407Kb
20th November 2017 Agenda_20th_November_2017 [pdf] 218Kb NEIGHBOURHOOD_PLAN_MINUTES_20_11_17 [pdf] 272Kb
18th December 2017 Agenda_18th_December_2017 [pdf] 217Kb