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Southern Water - Water Resources Management Plan & Drought Plan consultations


The South East is in serious water stress, so it’s more vital than ever we secure a resilient water future to support public health, protect and improve our environment and enable economic growth.

We’ve recently updated our long-term plans to supply clean, reliable drinking water and prepare for droughts. We’re keen for you to help us finalise our plans by sharing your views, insight and experiences. Both our plans can be found using the links below.

 We’ve taken a new approach this time. We’re planning for even more severe droughts and a wider range of futures so we’re ready whatever the weather and challenges.

 Our customers are already some of the most water efficient in the country. We’ve promised to help them reduce their consumption down to an average of 100 litres per day to help minimise waste and balance the water we have available for supply. At the same time, we’ll reduce the amount of water lost through leaks by 15%.

Our abstraction licences, which set how much we can take from rivers and groundwater, are changing significantly to improve our natural environment.

We’re investigating water recycling, desalination, new reservoirs and buying supplies from other water companies to make up the gap. These are needed immediately in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, where we may need to introduce water restrictions every two or three years until more water is available.

We’re planning to significantly invest in our region’s water supplies in the next 50 years, so now is an important time to join the discussion to help ensure we have the best solutions in place.

We’re consulting on our Drought Plan until 30 April and our Water Resources Management Plan until 28 May. All responses will be shared with Defra and considered in our final plans.